Finding a Sugar Daddy? The Pros and Cons of Sugar Dating

pros and cons of sugar dating
Are you a younger and beautiful girl dating an older and rich man? Does he provide financial support and make some secret arrangements with you? And are there some financial benefit (direct or indirect)from him that makes him irresistible?

If you found “Yes” for most of these questions, you may be dating a sugar daddy.

Generally, a sugar daddy is an older man who seeks an arrangement with a beautiful and younger woman. Sugar dating has a basis “mutually beneficial” which is key for a successful secret arrangement.

According to many articles and press, older men are emotionally mature who know more about the feeling and emotion of their younger lovers. They can provide various support and love to their companions.

Here’s a bit more on the pros and cons of dating a sugar daddy.


  • They are independent, strong and supremely confident. Sugar daddies aren’t naughty or clingy.
  • They know what they want and need – your companionship is an added bonus. So you don’t need to handle many things in the relationship.
  • He has tons of life experience in life and love. You can learn a lot from him.
  • He knows what’s important to him. So, he doesn’t hide or postpone his ambitions.
  • Sugar baby can get financial support from SD. Then, you don’t need to worry about the rent, loan, or other costs.
  • Sugar daddies are normally more emotionally mature than younger men.


  • Some sugar daddies look for a short-term fling, while others want a long-term relationship. It’s important to know the difference between a sugar relationship and regular relationship.
  • You may endure some prejudice and judgment from others if the relationship is public.
  • Some sugar daddies may have special sex hobby. You need to set your boundaries and what you can’t accept before the arrangement.
  • The age gap may cause some conflicts and problems. You may feel tired and unhappy if you realize you want different things in love.

At last, in the sugar daddy dating pool, there are still some fake or dishonest millionaires. Disguard yourself when meeting a millionaire in real life.

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