8 Secret Benefits of Sugar Daddy: Why Do Guys like Being Sugar Daddies

secret benefits of sugar daddyObviously, being a sugar daddy can bring many secret benefits.

These benefits include companionship, NSA (no strings attached) fun, dominating in a relationship and more. Of course, sugar baby can also get what they want.

No need to glamorize or demonize it, to be a sugar daddy is becoming more and more popular among mid-age people.

We gathered some stories from real sugar daddies in life. It may explain why guys like being sugar daddies.

To be clear, this is just for reference. Different individuals have a different mind. Therefore, they may include one or some of those reasons we rounded up. Or they might be completely different.

1.NSA fun

NSA fun is an abbreviation of no strings attached fun. Enough to see its meaning from the words. In NSA relationship, both parties can only focus on what they want. They can show what they really want without too burdens or limitations.

But NSA fun in this place is totally different from casual sex. Being a sugar baby is totally different from the prostitute as well.

The prostitute is making a living by selling sexual service. Sugar baby is ordinary people with a job. Most of them want to improve their lifestyle by exchanging their time during a sugar relationship.


Life does not only work. For sugar daddies, they want someone to spend their spare time on dinner, travel, or more.

Although some sugar daddies have wives, there are more guys without family. They don’t want to waste their time on possible divorce lawsuit, especially for California people.

At this time, sugar baby can join their lives. No matter it’s a long term or short term sugar baby, sugar daddy can enjoy the relationship without worrying about someone taking most of his big money out.

3.Dating different girls if they want

sugar baby benefitsFor serious ordinary dating, people should be loyal and honest with each other. But it’s unessential for sugar dating rules.

A sugar daddy can date whom they want. Most importantly, they can date someone who may not interested in them. It’s a special sugar daddy benefit.

4.Dominating in the sugar relationship

A sugar daddy can change the life of a sugar baby. Sugar baby can meet their needs by the allowance and gifts.

Thus, in most sugar relationships, sugar daddy set the rules. For example, when to start and end? The frequency of the meet and so on. Of course, sugar baby needs to agree with the rules before starting the relationship.

5.Looking for something different in their ordinary life

Some sugar daddies always lead to the same life years and years. Although they don’t need to worry about money, some of them still want to get in touch with people from different class.

Fresh experiences can make people excited, including sugar daddy and sugar baby.

6.Fulfilling different sexual experience

No need to avoid the topic. Some people love the special sexual taste, eg, kinky, SM, threesome or some others. Sugar dating can also fulfill those needs based on the agreement of sugar baby.

7.Bringing young energy into their own life

sugar daddy benefitEspecially for sugar daddies among their 60’s or 70’s age. They are seeking someone who can bring more energy and excitement into their life.

8.Helping younger people

Yes, this thing really exists although some people don’t believe it. Sometimes, it’s not easy to get a sugar daddy to give you money. But sometimes, some sugar babies can get money without giving any sugar.

Some sugar daddies are giving money to younger people just for kindness. They want to use their own power (including money) to help them.

But under the most condition, it didn’t happen often.

To conclude, if you are a sugar daddy/sugar baby and want to share your story with us, feel free to write to us.

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